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Beyond the visual, my art strives to become an experience of awakening— a voyage into the wild that evolves as viewers look deeper into my work. Imagine a wild salmon swimming upstream under the moon. As it travels, it undergoes many transitions: from a cedar tree to an eagle and then, finally, a mountain range. But as you shift your perspective, you discover that the mountain range is also a humpback whale breaching the surface of the crisp Salish Sea

— We are all interconnected —



Having spent my childhood barefoot on barnacles and swimming in the Salish Sea, I am inherently drawn to places where the land meets the water— it is in my bones. I often find myself outside immersed in the magic of nature….this is where I feel the most alive and creative, where the interconnections become infinite, where the art from my soul is awakened. 

With an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in Global Resource Systems and Agroecology from the University of British Columbia, my work is informed by a worldview that is deeply rooted in both ecological science and visual arts. It was throughout my education that my creativity truly began to flourish. I was inspired to start painting as a way to study and connect all that I was learning, visualizing topics in agroecology and manifesting the specific concepts into works of art. To this day, I carry this intention into each piece that I create. 

I work predominantly with watercolour on paper, creating a visual that is instinctual and raw — an image that brings to life the way that I feel when I am sitting with the trees. What begins as a dream in my mind inspires me to paint. Whether I am by the ocean, in the heart of an ancient forest, or near a river, I often look for offerings from my surroundings to embed into my artwork. The incorporation of these pieces is a raw manifestation of my passion for this place I call home.

My intention through art is to inspire a feeling of interconnectedness…an awakening that inspires folks to explore their own sacred relationship with all living things — to connect with, to care for, and to cherish mother earth. 

My studio—our earth—is my inspiration

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Upcoming Exhibitions




Past Exhibitions

Interconnection, Solo Show, The Blue House, Ottawa, April 2019

Earth- Based Art Group Show, Gastown Gallery, March 2nd, 2019

Stories From the Wild, Gam Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2018



Art Fairs, Festivals and Competitions

2019, Live Painting, Pacific Salmon Foundation Annual Gala, May 10, Vancouver, BC

2018, “Pacific Salmon Foundation Conservation Stamp Competition”, Vancouver, BC

2018, “Grand Prix of Art, Outdoor Painting Competition”, Richmond, BC

2018, Live Painting, Steveston Cannery Farmers Market, Richmond, BC

2017, “Grand Prix of Art, Outdoor Painting Competition”, Richmond, BC

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