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Let’s Dream Together. 



Feel inspired by what you’ve seen and want to learn more about how we can work together? The services I offer include (but are not limited to)



Inspired by specific elements in my work and want a custom creation that speaks more intimately to your soul? We can make it happen! My mediums include (but are not limited to) watercolour and Acrylic on paper. Click HERE to see one of my most cherished commission pieces to date.

What about tattoo designs you might be thinking? I get this question quite often! Unfortunately I do not create custom tattoo designs as I am not a tattoo artist. However, if you request a small commission piece from me and find a tattoo artist who is willing and inspired to tattoo elements of that work onto you, that is cool! All I ask is that you ask my permission before using any of my content and give proper credit of the artwork!


Environmental Art Installations

My true passion comes from working with the earths offerings…learning from the local landscape and making something that is raw, inspired and impermanent. An opportunity to connect with, learn from, honour and cherish the planet we live on…that is what environmental art is to me.

Do you want to see environmental art where you live, work or create?

There is something magical about watching passerby react as they see a collection of leaves on the ground that becomes something they could have never of imagined. The unexpected connection, creativity and change in energy that ensues motivates me to continue creating art in this way. Check out more of my environmental artwork HERE and feel inspired!


Art Workshops

From watercolour to environmental art to forest walks and unleashing creativity, I would love to share my passion with YOU. Please contact me about any upcoming workshop opportunities and creative ideas you might have. I am always open to new collaborations! 

Upcoming Workshops



Experiential and Travel Collaborations

Are you passionate about where you live, work and what you do? Do we share a love for the environment and conservation?  I’d love to learn from you and manifest that passion into a special piece of art for you to keep. Call it an unconventional Artist- in-residence!

Whether you are a conservation organization, eco-tourism, a larger institution, freelance, or have an idea for a personal project…the sky is the limit and I am excited to work with you if our values align! Experiential collaborations involve me travelling to you or with you! This could look like spending a day or more together, connecting with and exploring the local landscape, and creating an art piece for you that feels like home. My best, most authentic work is done outside connecting in nature in the very place that is inspiring me. I am always looking to learn and grow my lens as an artist and to connect with this place we live and breathe. The possibilities are endless!

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Live Painting

I love painting outside when the only sound is that of the forest and ocean, but I am also passionate about connecting with folks while I paint. My instinctual style of art allows for me to complete art pieces from start to finish in a short period of time which makes it an ideal addition to any event. This gives people the opportunity to watch the progression from start to finish and be inspired along the way. With minimal set up and take down, all I need is my canvas and easel and a bit of inspiration to get me started. Do you have a cool event coming up? I would love to hear from you!

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Brand Collaborations

Do we share a fierce love for the environment and cherish the planet we live on? Are you imagining one of my art pieces on a water-bottle, t-shirt or working together on a unique project to spread the good word? So am I! I am open to creative art and product design collaborations and all conservation efforts. This is the kind of teamwork and connection that fuels my soul.


Please feel free to contact me for a quote and anything creative you might be inspired to connect through. I would love to dream with you!