Sockeye, Coming Home

Sockeye, Coming Home


Sockeye, Coming home paints the image of a spawning spawning salmon swimming up a river to its final resting place. If you look closely at this art piece you will see the two pieces of litterfall from the Jalun River on that special day…one piece woven into the tail of the sockeye, the other placed within the gills. Perhaps the very nutrients that nourished that piece of forest floor were that of the sockeye salmon. The moss green colours of the foliage matched those of a spawning salmon….and the rest came so effortlessly. - If you shift your perspective ever so slightly…the pectoral fin of the salmon becomes a map of Vancouver Island and the image transforms into a topographic map of the outline of British Columbia.  Everything is interconnected. 

Dimensions: 11” x 14” (Larger prints are available upon request)

Hand Embellished with iridescent artist quality watercolours to give originality and new energy to each print.

Signed by Alana with a note of authenticity on the back

Printed locally in Vancouver, British Columbia

Produced on Archival quality paper  

Prints are packaged with love and care and will be shipped in a flat rigid package

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